I work at a mid-size public library branch in Ontario, Canada.  We are located in a recreation centre and thus deal with a wide range of books and readers, from the very young to the very old.  My background is in history and archives, and outside of the bookish realm, I dabble in genealogy, baking, writing, gardening, hiking, and (most recently) jewelry-making.

I started this blog over a year ago, but after an extended break, I'm back!  I'm slowly finding my groove - and have decided (with a page taken from A Girl and Her Books) to go back to the basics.  Though I will be challenging myself with various reading challenges (detailed at Jenn's Reading Challenges), they are personal lists of subjects and genres in which I want to read (or read more in).  I like to write - both creating stories as well as the at of writing itself.  Thus, I also have a real journal, in which I scribble most of my thoughts about books read.  Eventually, those thoughts will make their way onto Once Upon a Time, but for now, my blog and my journal are separate (though compatible) entities.   

What I Read (and What I Don't)

I prefer (but do not limit myself) to read and review books in the genre's of non-fiction, romance, fantasy, and mystery, regardless of age category (adult, teen, or children).  I also read graphic novels (included manga and traditional comic books) and picture books.

Though I am fairly open to any genre, I tend to steer clear of literary fiction, Christian fiction/non-fiction, memoirs, and self-help.  I can pretty much guarantee that books in these genres will not get the attention they deserve from me.

I (try to) review all books that I read, even if the book itself did not appeal to me.  However, I realize (as a aspiring novelist myself) that each and every book contains an author's heart and soul.  Even if the book is not to my liking, I try to find something that is positive, such as the writing, the message, or who the more appropriate audience would be.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me by email at gwnhwyfer (at) gmail (dot) com.

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