Monday, May 30, 2011

Books, Blogging and a New Game Plan...

Not "The Journal", but a journal...
After a loooong hiatus from book blogging, I've come back with a new plan in mind.  And the push came from something very simple:

I found a journal.

It's an honest-to-goodness, leather-like-bound, black journal with lovely cream-coloured, soft-to-the-touch pages. While I've scribbled in journals for most of my life, I'm devoting this one exclusively to books read. I'll always have a pen in hand, but have to a share a computer (so I'm more likely to write, rather than type!).

Thus, my plan is this: simplify and read.

I'm focusing less on blogging (and reviewing) and more on reading (which is the point, really - at least for me).  The journal will be used as my review space (entries which, I hope, will make it onto the blog, but that's still in the future), while the blog will be my "database" (for the most part - there are always exceptions).  It will house my lists (I do like me some lists ;) as well as containing the briefest "review" entries (basic details, synopsis and a personal rating) and "author pages" (for favourite authors, containing links and book lists).  I was inspired, in part, by A Girl and Her Books, as well as the number of books I having piling up - begging to be read!

Thanks for reading!


Shelley said...

There's nothing like a beautiful journal to inspire something good! Sounds like a great game plan.

Jenn said...

Thanks! We'll see how long I stick to it! ;)